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Wed, Jul 05, 06 Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday America!
Wed, Jun 28, 06 Cookies! Last night, a little after midnight, my youngest daugher bursts into my room and exclaims "I made cookies!".
Tue, Jun 27, 06 I Love My Airconditioner It is hot outside.  Too hot.  Thankfully, I have air conditioning. 
Mon, Jun 26, 06 Technology Sux! (again!) You know, nothing seems to work right any more.
Sun, Jun 25, 06 Writing is Not My Thing Okay, I admit it. Writing is not my thing.
Fri, Jun 02, 06 Technology Sux! Everyone who knows me knows I am a "technology freak" or a "gadget nut".
Tue, May 30, 06 Fog Creek is my CoPilot Have you ever been asked to help someone with a problem on the computer?
Sat, May 27, 06 Yard WORK (emphasis on WORK) I hate yard work.  There is a reason its called "yard work" instead of "yard recreation" or "yard fun".
Thu, May 25, 06 Thank You, Catalina Before I begine writing much about my trip to Romania, there is something I must do first.
Tue, May 23, 06 Ticks - Oklahoma Vampires Before I went on my vacation to Romania, my youngest daughter Nicole decided to buy me a gift.
Mon, May 22, 06 Roamin' in Romania In April and May, I spent 3 weeks in Romania. 
Sun, May 21, 06 Too Cool For Sunscreen? Woke up this morning feeling warm.  I thought it was just hot in the house, but then I realized it was something else.
Sat, May 20, 06 Golf I was invited to play golf by an old friend of mine.  I haven't heard from him in a long time...
Fri, May 19, 06 Here We Go Okay, this is the start of my blog. 

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