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Tue, Jul 29, 08 Never Miss a Meeting I think I've mentioned before that I live in a neighborhood run by a Homeowners Association.
Mon, Jul 28, 08 Theory of Yardwork I have this theory ... a plan if you will... about maintaining one's yard.
Sun, Jul 27, 08 Uninvited Guest Doing some cleaning, going through stuff, seeing what is needed and what can be tossed, recycled or donated.
Sat, Jul 26, 08 No Excuses Yeah, I know... it's been a while.  Not sure exactly why either, I just didn't feel like writing.
Mon, Jun 16, 08 How to Get Your Daily Calories in One Meal Eat at McDonald's, that's how.
Mon, Jun 16, 08 5 = 6 My hotel room number begins with a 5 ....
Mon, Jun 16, 08 On the Road Again Time to fly (again).
Mon, Jun 16, 08 Last Supper Saturday was my last full day in Iasi.  I hate the end of vacation....
Sat, Jun 14, 08 Gas Price Update Did a better calculation of gas prices here in Romania...
Sat, Jun 14, 08 Dr Pepper! Coke and Pepsi (mostly Coke) own Europe, from what it seems.
Fri, Jun 13, 08 Football Being in Europe, "football" does not mean football in the American sense ....
Thu, Jun 12, 08 Machine Gun Man Walking down the street, camera in hand, taking random shots of Iasi...
Thu, Jun 12, 08 Gas Prices Saw an article about how gas prices in the US have reached an average $4 a gallon.
Thu, Jun 12, 08 Bad Dad I'm over here in Romania, and it seems that I sort of lose track of what is going on in the "real world".
Thu, Jun 12, 08 Product Packaging Packaging of products in the US seems to more often have multiple languages on them.
Wed, Jun 11, 08 McDonald's Monday night I suggested we go eat at McDonald's, since I was craving a hamburger.
Wed, Jun 11, 08 No Graduation Ceremony Normally I take my vacation right after tax season, but this year I decided to wait.
Wed, Jun 11, 08 Cata in High School Catalina asked me if I would like to look at her high school yearbook, and of course I said yes.
Wed, Jun 11, 08 Ominous Signs of Impending Doom! Okay..that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but then again, it might not.
Tue, Jun 10, 08 Great Invention There are very few residential buildings that I've been to in Iasi that have central heat and air.
Tue, Jun 10, 08 I Need a Drink! No, not an alcoholic drink, just something to drink!
Mon, Jun 09, 08 No News is Good News? Haven't heard much from the family or office since I got here.
Sun, Jun 08, 08 Going to Church As today being Sunday, today is Church day, just like back home.
Sun, Jun 08, 08 Bowling Friday night, I went bowling.
Fri, Jun 06, 08 Rain in Romania At night I leave a window or two open to let in some fresh air.
Fri, Jun 06, 08 Deadbolt Question I moved to my "real" apartment on Tuesday, the one I had the last time I was here.
Thu, Jun 05, 08 Gypsy Party There's a Gypsy party going on across the courtyard, and I wasn't invited.
Wed, Jun 04, 08 4 Bottles of Wine For my birthday, I suggested that perhaps I should be given a nice bottle of wine.
Tue, Jun 03, 08 Happy Birthday to Me Today is my birthday...yep, happy birthday to me.
Mon, Jun 02, 08 I Walk, Therefore I Ache Been walking an awful lot lately, and are my legs sore.
Sun, Jun 01, 08 My Apartment Let's see if this makes sense.  The apartment I'm in right now isn't my apartment.
Sat, May 31, 08 City Sleeping It's late on a Friday night...maybe Saturday morning, and having a slight problem falling asleep.
Fri, May 30, 08 Traveling in Romania I just flew to Romania...and are my arms tired!
Thu, May 29, 08 Frankfurt - Airport from Hell If Hell had an airport, I think it would be designed exactly like the one in Frankfurt Germany.
Wed, May 28, 08 Packing Time for me to fly.
Fri, May 23, 08 Blast from the Past It's not every day that someone walks into your office that you haven't seen in 10 years...
Thu, May 22, 08 Wood Bee Hunting As I pulled into the driveway, I noticed a couple of wood bees buzzing around my carport.
Wed, May 21, 08 Phone Line Fixed After days of weird and unusual happenings with my phone and internet service, everything is now fixed!
Sun, May 18, 08 Sunday Funday (not!) This wasn't the best of days.  My phone didn't work, my Internet was having problems, and my DISH satellite repair appointment was cancelled.
Sat, May 17, 08 Let There Be Light Over the years, things break. Just one of the "joys" of home ownership.
Fri, May 16, 08 Ch-ch-ch-changes (think David Bowie) Things in my life are changing a bit.
Sun, May 11, 08 Happy Mother's Day To all the Mother's out there, happy Mother's Day.
Fri, May 09, 08 Home Again I had classes today and yesterday in Oklahoma City.
Wed, May 07, 08 Jailbird Mack Before the cats leave my "possession", I told Nicole that I would take them to the vet to get their shots.
Mon, May 05, 08 The End of the Cats It's the end of the cats at my house, and I can't wait.
Sun, May 04, 08 Out of Gas Cutting back on my trips to Tulsa.
Thu, May 01, 08 The Weather and CSI One of the things I didn't do much of during tax season was watch network TV.
Tue, Apr 29, 08 Instant Presentation What do you do when its Tuesday and you find out ...
Mon, Apr 28, 08 Cut Phone Lines Today, technology failed in a much much bigger way.
Sun, Apr 27, 08 Technology Bites Me Again, part 2 As I mentioned last time, there seems to be some confusion as to where my web site is really located.
Sat, Apr 26, 08 Technology Bites Me Again Tax season is over.  Finally!
Mon, Apr 14, 08 The End! The End is coming!!
Wed, Jan 23, 08 Why? That's the question, isn't it?  Why? 
Tue, Jan 08, 08 Empty Nest The kids are gone, and the house is now empty.  It's just me and the cats again.

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